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Last week I shared my thoughts on Marko’s being?set free to discover what’s next?from YS and four days ago I shared what I hoped would be a creative and calm outlet for youth workers to show support for Marko without becoming a distraction at the National Youth Workers Convention when I wrote The markOvation.

The response has been positive by the twenty or so people who left comments on my facebook markOvation note.? But after a friend called me a couple of days ago, I thought it’d be best that there is no room for misconstruing what my desire was in the markOvation idea. The friend is well respected in youth ministry land and he knows my heart so I listened to his wisdom and agreed it’d probably be best to write some quick follow up thoughts.

I hope if you are heading to the NYWC in Cincy this weekend, like Adam is, you are seeking first what God has to show you and not gearing up to vent and take on “the man“.

I understand if you are frustrated or angry because you don’t understand why it happened.? Let’s face it, odds are you will never know the full story and frankly, it doesn’t do our profession any service when a youth worker rages against any form authority and comes across as being immature.

If you are over your anger or frustration maybe you shouldn’t even add the “O” to your name.

If you want to add the “O” to your name to show people your support for Marko, wonderful but be prepared to give a positive answer if anyone should notice the sharpie “O” after your name.? I doubt if this post is read or has been read by more than 40 people so as Ricky Ricardo would say, “You’ll have some splaining to do.”

Since I shared my thoughts some wise voices have shared their thoughts about Zondervan, Marko and the future of YS.? I’d encourage you to read all of them and thanks for reading mine.

Tic Long – The World of YS

Wayne Rice – Youth Specialties in Transition

Walt Mueler and Doug Fields – Dear Youthworker . .? About YS . . . And Thanks Doug!

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  1. I’m happy to see sensibility to come back to this conversation. I knew your thing wasn’t a slight at YS/Z… it was an applause for Marko’s long term of service.

    This is a weekend to celebrate the men/women who are doing youth ministry every day. I’m hoping to focus 100% on them. They are the heroes behind YS. They are the reason we do all of this.

    Thanks Len. I appreciate your friendship.

    adam mclane | Oct 28, 2009 | Reply

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