Everyone is an expert

In our world of social media, everyone has a voice and some people think they have the best voice and everyone needs to hear from them.

Being able to share what you think gives the feeling that your opinion matters because people might interact with it and some may even agree.

Unless others validate you’re an expert, you’re probably not.  And even if a lot of people say you are, that still does not make it true because they might all be idiots.

Just because you can say something or share information about someone else doesn’t mean you should.

If you think you’re an expert, here’s a test, you can take.

Do people ask you what you think about something or a particular subject or field?  If not regularly, you’re probably not an expert.

It’s great that you can share your experience and thoughts but if you really want it to be listened to and seriously considered, share it with someone who knows you and cares to hear your perspective.

Like the old saying goes, “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”

Care and love others more today than you did yesterday and you can become an expert in what matters most, loving others unconditionally.

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