Writing again

Sent in an article to Youth Worker Journal this week.  It’ll probably be a sidebar in their September/October “Hard Times” issue.

It’s titled “Seven Truths to Remember Before and During Hard Times”

Here’s part of it that I posted on Facebook, while I was writing it.

“Knowing examples from the Bible of God’s faithfulness is our foundation but it’s important to also remember that it’s not only a theological check list.

It’s not merely the abstract that gives us hope but also when we remember our personal Ebenezers. When we do that, we can more likely appropriate the fact that the God who has been faithful before in our own lives will be faithful again, it just might not look like what we expect, and that’s okay”

It’s good to be writing again.  Good meaning, excruciating and an ordeal to get the right words out that share truth from my story without me being the focus of the story. This one is very satisfying because I know my friend of many years, Tim Baker, will do his editorial wizardry and make it better.

Had to send in a new bio, so I went with this:

@Len_Evans oversees Texas and New Mexico for the National Network of Youth Ministries. He provides encouragement and pastoral care for youth workers via @YMOasis and randomly blogs at LenEvans.net

Now to try and write a few more blog posts before it get’s published so it’s not so random.  :-)

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