Easy Way Send me $100 & You Get $100 Too

Last year before Christmas, I started driving a little bit for Uber.

One of the surprises I got was after I made my first 5 trips, I got a $100 bonus and the friend who referred me got $100 too.

I texted him and thanked him for the bonus $100 and asked him he had been driving too. He shared that he had never driven for Uber but I was the 10th person who he had referred so he had made $1,000 from Uber without ever driving. He started driving occasionally after we talked.

I’m still raising support for my ministry with The National Network of Youth Ministries but occasionally drive because every little bit of extra money helps. I’m a night owl so it’s easy to stay up late and make a little money when I’d either be asleep, reading or watching a movie.

Driving for Uber requires a four door car that is under ten years old and doesn’t have any cracks in the windows and car insurance.

After the fifth trip, you get a $100 bonus and I get $100 when you use this link to sign up with Uber.

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