Christians should be different

This election is a mess. It’s hard to glance at any sort of social media and not see someone talking about how one candidate is worse than the other.

Each side shares the worst news about the opposing side. It’s just a mess and not many people, from what I can see, are thrilled with their political choices.

Despite the difficulties we face and things not being ideal, we should never forget that we are blessed because we are able to have a voice in how and who governs over us.

So whether you are voting for Hillary, Trump, Johnsen or you write in David Ortiz, go vote.

I hold out hope that Christians will be different. Stand up for your convictions but know that if someone disagrees with you politically, that’s okay. I don’t understand how someone can support certain candidates but I’ve come to realize, I don’t have to understand.

I can choose to be honest, nice and loving despite the difference I may have with real life friends, Facebook friends or even internet strangers. You can too.

Christians will be voting for different people this November but we can agree on a few things:

Pray for our national leaders and our country.

Pray for your city and it’s leaders. The most likely way you can make a difference in the world is to make a difference in the world you live in.

Pray for churches when you drive by them. Even if they are not from your tribe, pray for the pastor, leadership and congregation.

Pray for schools when you drive by them or use a school crossing sign as a prayer reminder to pray for the teachers and students. The Christian teachers to be salt and light and for the Christian students to be help the other students to see and know Jesus is a real way.

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