How can churches best work together for lasting results in their city?

One of the things that I love about my job with the National Network of Youth Ministries is that I get to wave the flag and tell people that we believe that God is more glorified when we are more unified.

We are also one of the few ministries that has biblical unity as one of our main priorities.

Churches have been known to work together to serve their cities though it still isn’t “normal’.

When they do, it seems to be focused on an event or short term need. That’s good, but we need to strive to do the best thing that we can do to have lasting results in our communities.

I’m sure there are many ways to have influence on our cities and the cultures of our cities.

I believe one thing that I can do for Lubbock is to help churches be better at two things. 1. Praying for Each Other and 2. Praying for the Schools that are nearby or they have a burden for.

That’s just the start, but imagine if a good portion of churches were praying for each other and praying for every school (for students, teachers & the administration) in their city.

Prayer makes a difference but we have to be praying regularly and corporately to see Kingdom results.

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