Last NNYM Prayer Update

It has been my highest vocational honor to serve with the National Network of Youth Ministries team over the last seven years. It happened because God brought me here and because of your confirmation of that through your financial partnership.

Though this wasn’t my choice, I’m strangely content with the executive’s team’s decision to release me, even though I don’t exactly what the future holds vocationally.

In my four years as a hospice chaplain I learned people ask three questions when they know death is knocking. The three questions are 1). Am I right with God? 2) Does my family know I love them? 3) Am I loved by my family?

Because those things are my focus, I’m okay facing the unknown. I’m looking into a variety of possibilities that will help me do those three things well.

Here’s how you can help.

Contact Me: There is no secret story, so I will tell you all that is going on with me, my family, and the job search. You just would need to contact me. Call or text me at send an email to “len DOT evans @ gmail DOT com”, or send a Facebook message.

Pray: Pray as you read this and please keep praying. Bonus Points: Get my prayer request via text by texting @pray4len to 81010.

Give: Severance to help me transition is given by NNYM, as long as funds are available in my NNYM ministry account. Depending on that balance, I will be paid full compensation through November 30. So your gifts through November really are appreciated, and of course, are tax-deductible. you can give online at

I have missed $14,000 (accumulated) in 2016 compensation. Anything given above my regular pay through November 30 can also be passed along to me as severance pay.

So any amount that YOU give will help make the transition easier. It will also be another confirmation that though my time with NNYM is over, you believe in me and the ministry I’ve done.

If you want to give after November, our home address is still the same.

Thank you for being in my corner!

Keep Lovin’ Jesus,


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