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6 Truths to Remember During Hard Times »

6 Truths to Remember During Hard Times written for Youthworker Journal Sept/Oct 2015 Issue.

Writing again »

Sent in an article to Youth Worker Journal this week.  It’ll probably be a sidebar in their September/October “Hard Times” issue. It’s titled “Seven Truths to Remember Before and During Hard Times” Here’s part of it that I posted on Facebook, while I was writing it. “Knowing examples from the Bible of God’s faithfulness is [...]

The Ministry of Compassion »

It was an honor to write this for Immerse Journal. In it, I tell the story of how God has shaped me over the last six years & how it relates to what I do for the National Network of Youth Ministries, Simply Soul Care & my work as a part-time hospice chaplain. The Ministry [...]

Excel-ling at Relational Ministry »

My most frustrating moments were always when, after a day of near constant work, it seemed I had nothing to show for my labors. But one day I had an epiphany; I realized it wouldn’t be too difficult to track my time with students. Ok, so it’s not original but it was an epiphany for [...]

My Old Guys, that Rock! »

I’m fortunate to have a Triumvirate of Old Youth Ministry Guys who I call upon for advice and encouragement. Each of the three has over 30 years of youth ministry experience and they are all valued contributors to my life and my ministry. Find the Old Guys Don’t sit and wait for a veteran youth [...]

Journaling the Journey »

How do you help your students interact with God’s Word, reflect on what God is doing during a mission trip, respond to God’s work and remember it years later? A Mission Trip Journal! READ GOD’S THOUGHTS You are 300-3,000 miles away from your home because you believe the Bible highlights, models & commands missions. Show [...]

You Might Be A Youth Pastor If . . . »

you’ve ever defended “Rolling Stone” as a professional expense. teenagers ever ask you, “What do you do all day?” or “They pay you?” your idea of a dream trip involves malaria pills and going to Haiti. when you hear, “Shultz burns rice” you think of three men and not a bad German cook. going to [...]

10 Things That’ll Get You Fired »

Is your job secure? Here’s a surprising rundown of “sins” that’ll get you the hook. Here’s some breaking news: It’s no fun to get fired. Just ask a youth leader who’s been through it. After years in youth ministry, I’ve seen enough to know what it takes to get the hook. Avoid these mistakes, and [...]

10 Things That’ll Make You Indispensable »

“Indispensable youth worker” sounds like an oxymoron. None of us are truly indispensable. But there are many things you can do to make your position and ministry more secure. These ideas are principles, not promises. (And one more provison: What makes you indispensable in one church might get you fired in another.) 1. Push the [...]

Comfort the Afflicted and Afflict the Comfortable »

I live in the richest county in the richest state of the country. What 90210 is to the zip codes of America, Fairfield County is to the counties of America. A good friend has a calling to the poor. He leads annual mission trips to India, Haiti and Mexico City to expose students to the [...]