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What If Attitude »

I wrote this 9 years ago for the church parents newsletter: I like movies but I have a short list that make my “Movies I Love” List and Apollo 13 is one of them. There are many things about the story, both the true version and the Hollywood version, that I am enamored by. One [...]

Last NNYM Prayer Update »

It has been my highest vocational honor to serve with the National Network of Youth Ministries team over the last seven years. It happened because God brought me here and because of your confirmation of that through your financial partnership. Though this wasn’t my choice, I’m strangely content with the executive’s team’s decision to release [...]

HUGE Announcement and Change »

Thank you for your generous support of Len Evans and his ministry with the National Network of Youth Ministries. I’m writing today to inform you that Len will be leaving the staff team of NNYM, effective November 30, 2016. After months of prayer and conversation with Len, our executive team has concluded that Len’s gifts [...]

How can churches best work together for lasting results in their city? »

One of the things that I love about my job with the National Network of Youth Ministries is that I get to wave the flag and tell people that we believe that God is more glorified when we are more unified. We are also one of the few ministries that has biblical unity as one [...]

Christians should be different »

This election is a mess. It’s hard to glance at any sort of social media and not see someone talking about how one candidate is worse than the other. Each side shares the worst news about the opposing side. It’s just a mess and not many people, from what I can see, are thrilled with [...]

Some days . . . »

Some days are harder than others. Whether it’s because something happened to you, something distressing on the news, or you’re ambushed by those thoughts that occasionally cross your mind. Bad days happen, we can not escape them but we can be prepared for them. When you’re prepared for them, they are a little easier. Acknowledge [...]

Chewbacca Mom is still in the news »

Candace Payne AKA “Chewbacca Mom” is still in the news. She has redefined the definition of “Internet Famous”. In a little over two weeks, her original Facebook video has had over 150 million views. She’s gotten gift cards from Kohl’s, been on a variety of tv shows and a trip to Disney World to meet [...]

Youth For Christ MidWinter »

Had fun seeing the Morales’ & Vergara’s (The Staff of Parent Life Lubbock) last night during the Youth For Christ MidWinter staff conference in San Antonio. I’m here for a couple of days working the National Network of Youth Ministries (NNYM) Booth. It’s exciting days because Youth For Christ (YFC) and NNYM now have an [...]

Everyone is an expert »

In our world of social media, everyone has a voice and some people think they have the best voice and everyone needs to hear from them. Being able to share what you think gives the feeling that your opinion matters because people might interact with it and some may even agree. Unless others validate you’re [...]

March Prayer Update »

God is always at work, even in the events that we don’t anticipate. In December, I was laid off from my job as a hospice chaplain.  (Read the rest of the story and please pray after you hit the link or download the PDF) March 2015 Prayer Update