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January 2015 Prayer Update »

To San Diego & Beyond! Thanks for your prayers. Whether you pray for me everyday, a few days a week or a few minutes per month, it is appreciated and God is answering your prayers. Please pray a little extra while I’m in San Diego meeting with the growing NNYM team. January 2015 Prayer Update

Saving Christmas And Youth Ministry »

Saw that Saving Christmas is now officially IMDB’s worst rated movie as trending topic on Facebook. Began reading the links and is it really a story that anti-Christian groups decided to push this to the worst movie ever? Hadn’t seen it, probably won’t and I’m not one to make a martyr out of someone but if [...]

Marvel Studios and Networking »

Recently read Marvel Exec Talks AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Special Effects And More which interviewed Victoria Alonso, Vice President of Special Effects, and she’s also Executive Producer for Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man. She mentioned how Age of Ultron is going to have more special effects than any Marvel movie, so far, and how they have [...]

13 Years Ago Today »

I was traveling to Hartford, CT to get some DMV stuff done for a church van. I heard about it on the radio and then talked to my wife. I stopped in a store for something and I watched the 2nd plane hit in the back of the store with the employees. We sat in [...]

Prayer Update May 2014 »

May 2014 Prayer Update

I Don’t Need Your Prayers in April »

That’s the biggest April Fools’ lie ever.  I desperately need your prayers. Late addition Prayer Request is I’m traveling to Fayetteville, AR April 15-19 for a Support Raising Bootcamp I’ll be joining other NNYM staff members and others as we all keep working and praying towards being fully funded. April Fools Prayer Update

August Prayer Update »

Aug 2013 Prayer Update

Len and NNYM 2013 »

Len and NNYM 2013

South Central Region »

When I first joined the National Network of Youth Ministries the South Central Region included Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Colorado, Arkansas and Oklahoma. The plan was for me to begin with Texas and New Mexico as the District Coordinator and then transition into the Regional Coordinator. Thankfully NNYM has grown and has added more regional staff. [...]