Category: Life is Harder When You’re Stupid

The World Needs You to be the Best You, You Can Be »

You are one of almost seven billion people on our planet. You’re not that special, yet, you are. The world needs you to be the best you, you can be. Not many of us are going to change the world or be remembered by more than friends and family twenty years after we die. We [...]

Everyone is an expert »

In our world of social media, everyone has a voice and some people think they have the best voice and everyone needs to hear from them. Being able to share what you think gives the feeling that your opinion matters because people might interact with it and some may even agree. Unless others validate you’re [...]

Better People Than You Have Fallen »

Since my days at Dallas Theological Seminary ,  I have tried to remember this mantra. “Better men than you have fallen.” * Another example of why we need to guard our hearts: Hillside Christian Canyon pastor arrested on prostitution charge. * If you are in ministry,  don’t do it alone. If you’re in youth ministry [...]

Life is a Game, Play by the Rules of the Game »

Every game you ever played as a kid, had rules.  They went from the simple, (Tic-Tac-Toe or Rock-Paper-Scissors) to organized sports that had rulebooks that officials have to memorize and enforce while you played. Rules are a part of life. Whether it was a bedtime, having a school project due on a certain date, a [...]

Everyone has stupid moments »

Everyone has stupid moments.  Yes, even you. How many of these have you done? Looking for your cell phone while it was in your hand Not making a make complete stop at the stop sign and getting a ticket Forgetting to return your RedBox movie before 9pm and having to pay for another day Saying [...]