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Writing again »

Sent in an article to Youth Worker Journal this week.  It’ll probably be a sidebar in their September/October “Hard Times” issue. It’s titled “Seven Truths to Remember Before and During Hard Times” Here’s part of it that I posted on Facebook, while I was writing it. “Knowing examples from the Bible of God’s faithfulness is [...]

Four Priorities of a Healthy Network »

Simply Blessed »

The Simply Youth Ministry Conference is around the corner and we’d like you to nominate a youth worker for a free registration. Here are the guidelines. 1. It’s for a free registration only, so make sure they can get there (Maybe you give them a ride and let them crash in your room, if you’re [...]

Simply Soul Care Testimony »

Here’s a a recent testimony we received from a youth worker who we’ve helped. I can’t begin to tell you how much Simply Soul Care has helped me. (But I’ll try anyway!) I was really struggling with staying in my current position. I was given advice to leave by many who heard my story. But [...]

Soul Care Stories »

Simply Soul Care has been operating for a few months. l getting our legs under us as we discover better ways to serve youth workers. If you’ve followed us on twitter or if you’ve been one of the numerous youth workers who have been helped by one of our Soul Care Advocates, would you please [...]

My Three Hats at the National Youth Worker Convention »

I joked about wearing three hats at the National Youth Workers Convention before I went but I turned out to be so true and I didn’t suffer from identity whiplash because all  three roles are who I am.  The three hats were: National Network of Youth Ministries hat, We Love Our Youth Worker hat and [...]

All of Life is an Interview »

You never can tell when you might be meeting a future boss. So it’s important to always be yourself and to guard your character. You might lose a job because of some snide comment about a mutual friend or someone they don’t even know. I met Doug Clark, my boss with the National Network of Youth [...]

When Others Hurt You »

People hurt each other.  We know that.  We even know that “Hurt People Hurt People“. That’s a great book that shares the majority of people who habitually strike out at others, are deeply wounded themselves.  Duh! But it’s by a Ph. D and it goes way more in depth, so if you have a chance, [...]

A Backyard Worldview »

Want to change the world?  The best place to start is in your own backyard. Take a minute or two to quickly list at least three big needs in your community. Now look at your list and pick one that seems to capture your attention more than the others. Then cold-call a ministry or organization [...]

Too Busy to Build? »

Here’s my latest “Tools” article for Group Magazine: We’re all busy, so it’s easy to tell ourselves that we’re too far underwater to build strategic relationships with others in our community (teachers, school administrators, business leaders, other youth workers or anyone else who cares for teenagers). But doing something–anything–to build up your connections is a [...]