Len offers something that every leader needs, encouragement. He’s the kind of guy I lean on when I need someone to remind me it’s all worth it, to get back on the horse and love on God’s kids.

Adam Mclane -Online Community Meister for Youth Specialties

Len has a passion to see youth workers thrive in ministry. Through the years, I’ve had the joy to see Len’s passion in action as he’s connected, resourced, and encouraged countless youth workers.

Matt McGill – High School Pastor at Mariners Church & Simply Youth Ministry Podcast Dude

Len Evans loves youth ministry. He also believes in the blessing that youth ministry is to the teen, the family, the local church, and the local community. Because of this, Len has true motives to help everyone he comes in contact with and is an asset to the churches of Texas and New Mexico.

Brenda Seefeldt -Wild Frontier

Len Evans networked before it was a cool word! I have known him through his youth director jobs and watched him hook up folks that needed to know each other and get the resources that were out there and ready for the clueless student worker who needed help. His new job with NNYM in our part of the world is a gift to all youth leaders.

Jimmy Dorrell -Executive Director of Mission Waco and pastor of Church Under the Bridge in Waco, TX

Len Evans is one of those “in the know” kind of youth leaders. He knows what’s happening, where, why, and by whom. He’s a voracious reader, and a prodigious writer. I heartily endorse Len as a friend and a co-youth leader.

Ken McCoy -Editor for Interlinc’s Youth Leaders Only & President of Jump Start Ministries

Len Evans has been a part of the national youth ministry conversation for many years. Len has a significant voice among youth workers because he oozes love for God, youth workers and young people. Len passionately desires for youth ministry to be about restoring lives and captivating our imagination with the way things should be.

Mike King -President of YouthFront & author of Presence-Centered Youth Ministry

I know Len, and know that he’s wired to encourage and equip youth workers to do their best at fulfilling God’s call in their lives. I’m confident that he’ll excel in this new position, and I can’t wait to see the lives of youth workers that are changed because of his efforts.

Tim Baker -Youth Worker, author, adjunct professor of Biblical Studies at Letourneau University, Managing Editor of The Journal of Student Ministries

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