Four Priorities of a Healthy Network

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March Prayer Update

God is always at work, even in the events that we don’t anticipate.

In December, I was laid off from my job as a hospice chaplain.  (Read the rest of the story and please pray after you hit the link or download the PDF)

March 2015 Prayer Update

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NNYM Automatic Contribution Form


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January 2015 Prayer Update

To San Diego & Beyond!

Thanks for your prayers. Whether you pray for me everyday, a few days a week or a few minutes per month, it is appreciated and God is answering your prayers.

Please pray a little extra while I’m in San Diego meeting with the growing NNYM team.

January 2015 Prayer Update

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Saving Christmas And Youth Ministry

Saw that Saving Christmas is now officially IMDB’s worst rated movie as trending topic on Facebook.

Began reading the links and is it really a story that anti-Christian groups decided to push this to the worst movie ever?

Hadn’t seen it, probably won’t and I’m not one to make a martyr out of someone but if you are a Christian and take a stand against the norm, you will probably not be liked and embraced by people who are not believers.

You may not like how Kirk Cameron is doing evangelism but he’s following his convictions.

Reminds me of the classic story told about Billy Graham.

Billy was once criticized about the way he did evangelism and he replied with, “I like the way I’m doing evangelism versus the way you’re not doing it.”

Part of achieving the unity that Jesus prayed for in John 17 is to allow people the freedom of convictions that you disagree with.  We should be more concerned with how we will follow our convictions and pursue God’s purpose in our lives and ministries rather than how others don’t match our convictions.

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Better People Than You Have Fallen

Since my days at Dallas Theological Seminary ,  I have tried to remember this mantra. “Better men than you have fallen.”
Another example of why we need to guard our hearts: Hillside Christian Canyon pastor arrested on prostitution charge.
If you are in ministry,  don’t do it alone. If you’re in youth ministry let the National Network of Youth Ministries help you be stronger and have a better defense to this type of nightmare.
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Marvel Studios and Networking

Recently read Marvel Exec Talks AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Special Effects And More which interviewed Victoria Alonso, Vice President of Special Effects, and she’s also Executive Producer for Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant-Man.

She mentioned how Age of Ultron is going to have more special effects than any Marvel movie, so far, and how they have to work with seven to twelve special effect companies in the production.  She then mentioned how working in multiple countries and cultures benefits the creative process.

“They sometimes have ideas that we don’t have. That’s what we gain by being global.”

A key value for the National Network is collaboration and living by the value that we are better together.  This is done by building effective youth ministry partnerships on national and local levels, through healthy youth worker networks.

She also shared a key is that they don’t allow their ego’s get in the way and they have to “forget who we are and focus on the story.”
One of our classic stories is that when Paul Fleischmann would tell a gathering of denominational and national ministry  leaders, “We need to leave our egos and logos at the door”
To build healthy local networks we have to forget who we are and focus on God’s story.  Part of that story is continually striving for unity and reaching more students with the Gospel.
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September Prayer Letter

Sept Prayer Letter 2014

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13 Years Ago Today

I was traveling to Hartford, CT to get some DMV stuff done for a church van. I heard about it on the radio and then talked to my wife. I stopped in a store for something and I watched the 2nd plane hit in the back of the store with the employees. We sat in silence and after 5 minutes or so I decided to head home.

I made it to back to church and I’ll never forget the arrogance of one woman who told me, “I’ve done crisis counseling before, I’m prepared to help.” All I could think was, “You are not prepared because there’s never been anything like this before.” I just told her “Thank you” and we’d call her if we needed her.
I went home to be with my wife and youngest, who was 2. We went to the beach to see if we could see the smoke across the Long Island Sound. We couldn’t but we heard later that you could about 3 miles down.

Living in Fairfield, CT it hit close to us because 3 of our 5 neighbors worked in the Financial District and we didn’t know where they were. They all got home safe but one of them worked in the WTC but had been in Dallas that morning. My dad worked in the Pentagon a few days a month then before he retired and I knew he probably wasn’t in DC and even if he was, he probably wasn’t in the section that was hit but it took 6 hours that day to get a phone call through to confirm that.

Our daughter’s school (she was in 1st grade) the next day didn’t allow anyone to talk about the attacks in class because there were enough students in the schools whose parents had not been found yet.

We had been in NYC about 4-6 days before it happened and just wondered what if we had been there. Another friend was one of the first responders and worked there for weeks. He still can’t talk about all he saw at Ground Zero.

We Must Never Forget.

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August 2014 Prayer Update

Hit the link for the entire August Prayer Update

* Highlight: I’ll be at Rock The Desert today through Saturday.  Meeting youth workers from across Texas and New Mexico, telling them about NNYM & Accelerate.  I’m also blessed to be sharing with a herd of them tomorrow in the Interlinc tent.

As always, any and all prayers are appreciated.

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